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Image deforming program consisting mostly of different warp effects
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STOIK Deformer is an image altering program that can be used to create deformations/variations of your digital photos. On the developer’s site it’s found in the “hobby” category meaning it’s not for professional editing or anything like that. Mainly used for fun, with a cartoon-like interface, it gives you a set of tools to use on your images. Most available tools are for warping of different variations and sizes.

Although the application is easy to use, it is not very intuitive and you’ll have to look around at everything to find the tools you need. The way they’re grouped and the labels used aren’t very descriptive (e.g. what do you expect to find under the plain, global and more tools categories?). The good thing is that after you get familiarized with the GUI (which doesn't take a long time), your workflow will improve.

With a bit of creativity you can make great looking, funny images. You can save them as they are and use them on social networks or as avatars in chat programs. You can also save an animation which is basically a morph effect from the original image to what you have created.

The trial version is available for just 15 days and you will have to buy the program if you want to save your finished projects (the trial doesn’t allow saving).

Being a basic image deforming tool, the program can be used to make fun of your own or your friends' faces or… politicians'/famous people's.

Alice Blest
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  • Easy to use
  • Fast workflow
  • Cartoon-like interface


  • Tools aren't categorized well
  • Trial doesn't allow saving
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